Setup GoPro Studio in a different folder

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We all know the problem, either our system partition or the SSD is too small or our structures for programs aren't intended for an installation on C:.

GoPro Studio unfortunatly is one of those programs, that can only be installed into the folders C:\Program Files\GoPro and C:\Program Files (x86)\GoPro, after which it resides in both.

How can this behaviour be remedied?

A direct installation is not possible, that is why we have to accept the unfortunate fact of installing on C: at first.

Here are the instructions for changing the programs physical location with Windows after the installation:

1. Install the program as normal

2. Start "Services.msc" to deactivate the GoPro Device Manager, otherwise there will be a problem with finishing step 3.

3. Move the folder C:\Program Files\GoPro und C:\Program Files (x86)\GoPro via copy and paste to your desired destination. For this administrator rights are required.

4. Open the cmd.exe shell and make sure you start it as an Administrator via the right click menu.

5. Enter the following command to create a symbolic link:


MKLINK C:\Program Files (x86)\GoPro destination folder (e.g. D:\GoPro\GoPro (x86) /D

Be mindful of the fact, that for this to be successful, the folders C:\Program Files\GoPro and C:\Program Files (x86)\GoPro must not exist.

6. Now Go Pro Studio can be used, without having to change any of the program shortcuts.

Finally a short tip: To convert time lapse shots GoPro Studio must be started as an Administrator. This is probably due to the manufacturers strange way of programming.

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